How to write statement of purpose for study abroad?

Every student who wishes to go abroad for his/her studies has a commong question, how to write statement of purpose for study abroad. An admission procedure includes a lot of aspects in a candidate’s application. Academic records and other exams play an important role during admissions but they are considered objective. An SOP is a subjective aspect in a candidate’s application.  Statement of purpose (SOP) for study abroad is an essay, generally 1000 words long, often asked by universities abroad while taking admission in Graduation school. The aim of this essay is to understand the applicant’s academic objectives and determine potential and motivation for the career they have chosen.

How to write statement of purpose for study abroad?

One of many elements to SOP can be question based essays or the universities may simply ask your statement of purpose. It should include:

  • Your goals.
  • Your passion for the field.
  • Explanation of your academic interests
  • Reasons for undertaking graduate work.
  • Relation between your personal motivations/academic interests and the graduate programme/university you have applied for.
  • Extracurricular activities in the field.
  • Publications or academic achievements.

An SOP for study abroad is the only document that gives you an opportunity to show case what is unique in you and prove your potential. This is one document that hugely determines your admission. Often candidates tend to take it casually by thinking that it is just another essay they have to write about themselves. This is the reason why universities lay a lot of importance on the purpose and structure of the essay.

Now that you know and understand the importance of the SOP, it is important that you also know how to write an effective SOP.

How to write an SOP?

It is the best convincing tool an applicant has so make it your best. It can be presented in parts.

  • Introduce yourself, talk about your passion, motivations and interests.

Start with explaining who you are as a person and then go on to your interests. Tell them about your interests and activities that you like. This part of the essay should be short and precise. Don’t waste time in writing an autobiography.

  • Relation between your interests and the graduate course.

In this section you get to explain why you chose a certain career and how your career choice matches to your passion and interests. Tell them about your passion for this field. Mention about your motivation for this field as well as your potential to excel in this field.

  • A summary of your academic achievements and career.

This part of the SOP will contain all that that you have achieved in your career or did to improve your academic achievements.

Mention about research projects you have conducted or assisted. Explain your topic and your findings. To explain this use of technical language is important. The professors of the university will be interested in knowing this.

If you have completed some thesis, mention about that. Any achievements out of curriculum should also be mention here.

Work experience, that can be either training or an internship, write about the type of work you did. If you have interned in the field similar to the course you are applying for will provide some benefit.

  • Extracurricular or Co-curricular Activities.

Mention about some social work, if you have done any. You can also talk about your volunteering. Do not make up things, if you have done only then mention about it. This is the section where you talk about your sports achievements or about achievements in hobby clubs like dance, drama or theatre, singing etc.

  • Elaborate on what you expect from the Grad School.

Indicate what you would like to study in the grad school in detail to convince the professors that you understand the course and you have researched well about the course. Mention about what you want to achieve from this course and how you see your future in that university or grad school.

General Key points

  • Take advice from your professors and seniors.
  • Choice of words should be taken care of, philosophical writing is advisable.
  • Proofread and edit your document. Make your friends read the document and ask them to edit.
  • Never send the first draft of your SOP document.
  • Write stories not statement, i.e. give examples for you are stating in the essay.
  • Do not make up stories, be natural and honest.
  • Be specific with your content.