GATE Mechanical Exam tests your basic understanding in the subjects from the entire Mechanical Engineering branch. In the process of building concepts on the subjects, having a good knowledge of the force systems is very essential. Try out these questions to test your knowledge on the topic of force systems. 

Q1) A force P=5000 N is applied at the centre C of the beam AB of length 5 m as shown in the figure. Find the reaction at the hinge and roller support.

Q2) A roller of radius r=200 mm and weight 1732 N is to be pulled over a curb of height 100 mm by a horizontal force P applied to the end of string wound tightly around the circumference of the roller. Find the magnitude of P required to start the roller move over the curb.

Q3) Two smooth spheres each of weight w and each of radius r are in equilibrium in horizontal channel of width b (b<4r) and vertical sides as shown in the figure. Find the three reactions from the sides of the channel which are all smooth. Also find the force exerted by each sphere on the other.

Q4) A 12-m boom AB weighs 1 kN, the distance of the centre of gravity G being 6 m from A. For the position shown, determine the tension T in the cable and the reaction at A. 


Q4) Two beams AB and CD are arranged and supported as shown below. Find the reaction at D due to a force of 1000 N acting at B.

Q5) Find the support reactions in the beam shown below.

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@Sagar Koneti nice attempt. i will share the solutions soon on these.