GATE preparation tips-Why students fail in GATE?

GATE preparation should be done in the right manner or the entire effort goes in vain. So, why do students fail in their GATE attempt? Let us analyse this with 10 reasons through this article.

A total of 9,22,167 candidates applied for the GATE 2017 examination across the country, 7,87,148 appeared and 1,29,149 candidates qualified in GATE 2017 examination, that comes to approximately 16.4 % of the number of aspirants who appeared for GATE examination in 2017. This is an appalling result for the country and for numerous young engineers who aspire to make a good career through GATE.

Students usually read interviews & success stories of those who made it to the final list and what make them stand out from remaining unsuccessful aspirants. But this article is for the majority of the students who are unsuccessful in their attempts, which is a result of their common mistakes and misconceptions. 

The sad part is that the unsuccessful candidates keep repeating the same mistakes,  which gets the same results: failure, disappointment, frustration, distress, etc. 

GATE preparation tips-Why students fail in GATE?

If on the other hand,  a successful candidate clears one exam, then clear next , then next one. He is clearing many exams by following the right habits and strategy. When you start your preparation, you must know what not to do during preparation? What are the common mistakes unsuccessful candidates are making? 

1. They focus too much on material hunting

Every unsuccessful aspirant is busy in a lot of material hunting, both offline & online. Offline, they will check & purchase all feasible books & guides. Online, they will join every accessible GATE preparation forum on Facebook, whatsapp group and so on. They will download anything & everything in the name of GATE preparation from all possible online sources & will be continuously discussing no. of vacancies and cut offs most of the time. Downloading is equal to reading for them.

2. Very less or no focus on regularity in preparation 

It is true, that by solving  previous years papers aspirants get to know how much effort they need to put in for their preparation. But an unsuccessful candidate will always make sure to purchase online test series & download it from online sources, but never bothers to revisit the online test series. 

3. Weak hold on fundamentals of subject matter 

Every GATE preparation expert, teacher or mentor stresses on focussing on basic concepts and repeating them. Instead of working on basic concepts & revising them, unsuccessful candidates make a half-hearted attempt to understand them. As mentioned earlier in this paragraph, Repetition is the key. Understand basic concepts & keep reviewing them.

4. Doesn't believe in periodic assessment and consider it a waste of time

Key to success is regular assessment of performance & taking feedback from mentors and teachers to ensure elimination of doubts and weak points, thus guaranteeing success in GATE. Unsuccessful aspirants never evaluate their mock test, topic wise test performances. They are in a hurry to cover the syllabus, never finding time for feedback and analysis of their performance.

5. Doesn't believe in repetition and regular revision

As per a scientific fact most people forget 77% of what they learned in six days. A big part of success in GATE or for the matter of the fact any competitive exams, is to follow a strict regimen on a regular basis. An unsuccessful candidate would have never kept strategic goals, he would never follow a regular regimen for preparation. A majority of these unsuccessful candidates will never put in daily work but keep lingering on the work for the weekend. You cannot do 5 days of work in just 2 days!!

6. Procrastination is an evil habit

GATE is not a sprint but is a marathon. Unsuccessful candidates keep putting off the course work & mock tests. After some time, when time is about to run out, they start planning for next year examination. Next year, same mistakes are repeated…..

GATE preparation tips-Why students fail in GATE?-1

7. No feedback and evaluation of mock tests

The purpose of mock test is to recognize how much you have learnt and know your strength & weakness. This purpose can never be achieved without a sincere attempt and a regular feedback. Unsuccessful candidates never evaluate their mock test, infact they focus on the aggregate score & move on to next test hoping to score better. 

8. Missing the right attitude for success

Almost every unsuccessful candidate blames situations, people for their failures. What they don’t realize is that more than anybody else, their life and its success lies in their own hands. More than having a big knowledge set, the correct attitude is needed. This is a major difference in a successful and an unsuccessful person.

9. Decide to settle with small victories during preparation

The biggest failure is that with one good score in a mock test or just few hours of study makes them confident (read 'complacent'). Persistence is a missing quality in their life.

10. Focus on goals and not the journey

All you can do is put 100% of the effort day in and day out, without focusing on the end goals. This will make the entire journey enjoyable and less stressful. 

“To ensure success in any examination, one needs to plan, execute, revise & most importantly enjoy whole preparation journey.”