Every year the competition is growing for engineering students and the need to perform well in GATE is becoming more and more important for a good career and future. In this article, we try to list down some of the important topics that you should cover while preparing for GATE 2018. Not all subjects are equally important in GATE Mechanical Engineering. So it becomes necessary for a student to identify those topics which have a greater weightage in the exam and prepare well for them. 

Based on the analysis of previous GATE exam papers, most important topics are provided below.

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Very important: orthogonal cutting, tool life euqation problems
  • Regularly asked topics: types of casting, design of castings, riser and gate design in metal casting, questions on resistance welding
  • Easy topics: limits, fits & tolerances, metrology, non traditional machining, CNC programming

Thermal sciences

  • Very important: First and Second law of thermodynamics, Availability and Steam turbines
  • Regularly asked topics: problems on diesel, otto, dual cycles, concept of detonation and knocking, turbo machinary

Fluid mechanics

  • Very important: Velocity potential, Flow through Pipes, Boundary layer theory.
  • Regularly asked topics: Buoyancy, Surface tension, Capillary, Applications of Bernoulli equation.
  • Topics to stress upon for GATE: Centrifugal pumps, Specific speeds of turbine and pumps, Unit quantities of turbines and pumps.

Heat transfer

  • Very important: Numbers in convection like Pr, Gr, Re etc.
  • Regularly asked topics: Problems on conduction, Critical thickness, Shape factor in radiation, Problem in Heat exchangers like NTU.

Theory of machines and vibration

  • Regularly asked topics: Pairs and its applications, Linkages, Inversions of single and double slider crank, Free damped vibrations, Planetary gear train, Gears LOC, POC.
  • Topics to stress upon for GATE: Easy level topics in GATE: Shafts problems, Governors and Fly wheel.

Industrial engineering

  • Very important: LPP.
  • Topics to stress upon for GATE: Queuing theory, EOQ problems, Inventory control.

Engineering mechanics

  • Very important: Structural analysis, Work and Energy, Law of Restitution

Engineering materials

  • Regularly asked topics: Effect of Alloying elements, Defects in crystal structure.
  • Topics to stress upon for GATE: Heat treatment.

Strength of materials

  •  Topics to stress upon for GATE: Stress and strain, Deflections, SF & BM, Bending stress.

Machine design

  • Topics to stress upon for GATE: Joints, Design of gears, and bearings

Engineering maths

  • Focus on every topic in this subject.
  • The subject covers 13-15 marks in GATE exam, so good hold on this subject can mean easy pickings.
  • Most of the questions asked in this subject are repetetive.

General aptitude

  • Important topics covered in GATE:
    • Sentence completion and word analogies
    • Numerical computation and data interpretation

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