Plz help me in the choice of materials, and books and what extras are needed for a very good score in GATE. I think, it should be start from Day 1. So plz help!!!!!!!!


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First of all, congratulations @Churchil Dwivedi on your entry to the UG program. Its good to know that you are already showing the interest in GATE exam. The recommended course of action should be focusing on your present studies right now. The stuff you will be studying is enough to crack through GATE any time. 1. First, download all the related question paper on physics. (GATE/UPSC/NET) 2. making notebooks for different subjects. These will be with you throughout your graduation don't lose them. 3. Segregate the questions you can identify easily as per topic, chapter, subject in those notebooks. make your own question bank and solution book. 4. Those questions you have written in the notebook solve them. 5. This note making will help you in your semester exams as well all the future competitive exams. Secondly, focus more on your personal development. Enroll yourself in co-curricular activities (any) try new things, participate in athletics, maintain good eating habits (very less eating in evenings to wake up early morning). Maintain a CONSISTENT routine. Recite and solve the questions verbally while walking, talking to your friends, while taking shower, eating. UG is a once in a lifetime opportunity for to know what fun really is and to dream what you want to become. You have everything within you to succeed and YOU will be also the one who will be responsible for your failure no one else. So choose your distractions responsibly. Concentrate on your semester exams. get your self into the zone first. Being consistent is everything here. Don't worry about the result. If you do your part of honestly consistently then result won't matter to you. "Mehnat kar fall ki chinta mat kar". For keeping your interest in the physics, read the latest article on physics online. (Tip: You can start reading online about the latest research in physics by Nobel prize winners.) As after GATE you must be planning to take master or Ph.D. So enrich your creativity. watch videos / read articles in different field like nanotechnology, astronomy, medicine etc.

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Hi @Churchil Dwivedi . Some general tips you can use are as follows:

  • GATE is nothing special, it is just a test of what you learn in the four years of your engineering. 
  • So, pay very deep attention to what you learn in class in college. This will help you save money and time as if your concepts are built well in class then you will not need any external coaching or help.
  • Be regular in your studies during college. It is very easy to become irregular in studies in college due to many other extracurricular activities. 
  • Do not just study to clear university exams. Study to get a good grip on your subjects. This is the only way to become invincible!

If you start with these things, then the whole journey becomes very very easy. Hope you will be benefitted from this. 

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