Q1) A man rows at a speed of 8 km/h in still water to a certain distance upstream and back to the starting point in a river which flows at 4 km/h. Find his average apeed for totaal journey.

Q2) A man can row 7 km/h in still water. If the river is running at 3 km/h, it takes 6 hours more in upstream than to go downstream for the same distance. How far is the place?

Q3) A motorboat covers a certian distance downstream in 6 hours but takes 8 hours to return upstream to the starting point. If the speed of the stream be 6 km/h, find the speed of the motorboat in still water. 

Q4) A man can row 6 km/h in still water. If the is running at 2 km/h, it takes him 3 hours to row to a place and back. How far is the place?

Q5) A man can row at the rate of 4 km/h in still water. If the time taken to row a certain distance upstream is 3 times as much as to row the same distance downstream. Find the speed of the current. 

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Sir can you please share the formula list for boats and streams? Thanks