Q1) In the figure two forces act on the hook. Determine the magnitude of the resultant force.

Q2) Determine the magnitude of the resultant force and its direction, measured counter clockwise from the positive axis.

Q3) If the 5 kg block is suspended from the pulley B and the sag of the cord is d = 0.15 m, determine the force in cord ABC. Neglect the size of the pulley.

Q4) A block has a mass of 5 kg and rests on a smooth plane. Determine the unstretched length of the spring. 

Q5) Determine the tension in cables AB, BC and CD necessary to support the 10 kg and 15 kg traffic lights at B and C respectively. Also find the angle .

Q6) Determine the moment of the force about point O. 

Q7) Determine the resultant moment produced by the forces about point O.

Q8) Determine the magnitude of the moment of the force F = (300 i - 200 j + 150 k) N about the OA axis.

Q9) Determine the required magnitude of the couple moments M2 and M3 so that the resultant couple moment is zero.

Q10) Determine the maximum force P that can be applied without causing the two 50 kg crates to move. The coefficient of static friction between each crate and the ground is .

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